August Turnouts

Sir Knights, here are some turnouts in our area. Please support as you can.
8/9  Holy Redeemer – Feast of the Assumption
       Turnout: 10 AM
        Mass: 10:30 AM – Procession to follow
       The Fest – Closing Mass – Borromeo Wickliffe
       Turnout: 7PM
       Mass: 8PM – Noon – 10PM
       The Fest needs 1500 volunteers. Check the web site to see if you can.
8/15  Holy Rosary – Feast of the Assumption
         Turnout: 9AM
         Mass: 10AM – Procession to follow
8/16  Sacred Heart of Jesus – 1st Mass – Father Daniel Bowen
         Turnout: 11AM
          Mass: 11:30AM
8/23  Our Lady of Lourdes – Special Education Student Mass
         Turnout: 9:30AM
          Mass: 10AM
8/30  5th Sunday – VA Medical Center
          Setup: 8:30AM
          Mass: 9AM
On a side note, for those that won’t be going to Holy Rosary on 8/15, Deacon Bowen will be installed as a Priest by Bishop Lennon. The Installation will be at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish. This is not a turnout  but you might want to see a Priest Installation. Mass is at 10 AM

2015 – 2016 Officers

Navigator – Brian Shollenberger, FN
Captain – Greg Spielman
Pilot – Larry Chase
Comptroller – John Perry, PFN
Purser – Brandon Robinson, PFN
Admiral – Tom Buehner, PFN
Scribe – Deland Whitson
Inner Sentinel – Anthony Povanka, Jeffery Monger
Outer Sentinel – Terry Weiler, Vance Minter
Trustee’s: 3yr – David Holly
2yr – Don Morris
1yr – David Bowling, Jr.
Sentinel of the Chalice – John Dittoe, Jr.

Sir Knight Chad and Lady Alex Dawes Wedding


D Day is the way to go for a Wedding. Alex was lovely, Chad was Chad. Our Prayers and Help are there for them. The wedding was excellent with Father Winkel and Deacon Dave, both are 4th degree. I want to thank the 19 Knights we had for the turnout. Chad and Alex also wish to thank you also. By the way, we had a Field Agent in regalia for the wedding and reception.

Rest of May Turnouts

Here are the turnouts for the middle of May to the end.

5/17/2015: Memorial Day Mass – VA Hospital. Turnout: 8:30AM

1st Mass – St. Stanislav: Turnout: 1:30PM

Confirmation – Sacred Heart of Jesus. Turnout: 4:30PM

5/20/2015: Confirmation – St. Rita’s Church. Turnout: 6:30PM

5/21/2015: Confirmation – St. John of the Cross. Turnout: 6:30PM

5/24/2015: Confirmation – St. Barnabas. Turnout: 6PM

5/31/2015: 5th Sunday – VA Hospital. Set up 8:30AM. Coffee and Donutes for the Veterans.