Rest of May Turnouts

Here are the turnouts for the middle of May to the end.

5/17/2015: Memorial Day Mass – VA Hospital. Turnout: 8:30AM

1st Mass – St. Stanislav: Turnout: 1:30PM

Confirmation – Sacred Heart of Jesus. Turnout: 4:30PM

5/20/2015: Confirmation – St. Rita’s Church. Turnout: 6:30PM

5/21/2015: Confirmation – St. John of the Cross. Turnout: 6:30PM

5/24/2015: Confirmation – St. Barnabas. Turnout: 6PM

5/31/2015: 5th Sunday – VA Hospital. Set up 8:30AM. Coffee and Donutes for the Veterans.

Welcome New Sir Knights

Here are our new Sir Knights.
Father Damian Ezeani
Father Bernard McAniff
SK Martin Burke
SK Christopher Carey
SK Brendan Coyne
SK Ryan Coyne
SK Christian Cronauer
SK John Dittoe, Jr.
SK Jose Esparza
SK Vance Minter
SK Emir Charles Roach
SK Stuart Smyth
Welcome them with a hand shake and help them. They are our future.

Brian, FN