October Turnouts

Here is a list of October Turnouts

October 4th – Fall Exemplification – Boardman, Oh
St. Charles Borromeo Parish
Candidates: 9 am
Turnout: 10 am

October 7th – Pilgrim Statue – Sacred Heart of Jesus, South Euclid
Our Lady of Fatima – Procession
Turnout: 6:30 pm

October 13th – Columbus Day – Holy Rosary, Little Italy
Turnout: 9:30 am
Mass: 10 am

October 19th – Close of the 40 Hours – Sacred Heart of Jesus, South Euclid
Turnout: 5:30 pm
Mass: 6 pm

October 26th – St. Paul’s Shrine – Poor Clare’s
Turnout: 9:30 am
Mass: 10 am

Fifth Sunday

August 31st is the fifth Sunday of the month. Moses Cleveleand and us will be at the VA hospital Sunday morning to serve coffee and donuts. Volunteers are always welcome. This is not a fourth degree event only.

Up Coming Turnouts

In August, we have three turnouts at this time.

The Fest in Wickliffe at the Center for Pastoral Leadership
Turnout 6:30 PM
Mass: 8:00 PM

Feast of the Assumption at Holy Redeemer Church in Collinwood
Turnout: 10:00 AM
Mass: 10:30 AM Procession to follow

Feast of the Assumption at Holy Rosary Church in Little Italy
Turnout: 9:00 AM
Mass: 10:00 AM Procession to follow

Thank you to all that can attend
Vivat Jesus

Officers for 2014 – 2015

Congratulations to the newly elected officers of Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan Assembly 1767

  • Faithful Friar: Rev. Joseph Piskura
  • Faithful Friar: Bro. Eugene Blee
  • Faithful Navigator – Brian Shollenberger
  • Faithful Captain – Gregory Spielman
  • Faithful Pilot – Larry Chase
  • Faithful Comptroller – John C. Perry, PFN
  • Faithful Purser – Brandon D. Robinson, PFN, DM
  • Faithful Admiral – Tom Buehner, PFN
  • Faithful Scribe – Deland M. Whitson
  • Faithful Inner Sentinels – Anthony Pivonka
  • Faithful Outer Sentinel – Terrence Weiler
  • Faithful 3yr Trustee – Donald H. Morris Sr., PFN
  • Faithful 2yr Trustee – David L. Bowling Jr., PFN
  • Faithful 1yr Trustee – David M. Holly, PFN, DM
  • Faithful Commander: David L. Bowling Jr., PFN

A special thank you to Tom Buehner, PFN, for the past 5 years of service as Navigator for our Assembly.

The installation of officers will take place on July 18th, 2014 at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in South Euclid, Ohio. Officers are asked to be there no later than 6:45pm so that we can promptly begin at 7:00pm. If you are not an officer, and wish to attend, you are more than welcome. If you have your regalia, please plan on dressing.




Knights of Columbus – Flag Disposal Ceremony – June 14, 2014

Flag Disposal Ceremony
Knights of Columbus – Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan Assembly #1767

830 Flags – June 14, 2014

These flags reached their state in a proper service of tribute, memory, and love.

A flag may be a flimsy bit of printed cloth, or a beautiful banner of the finest silk. Its intrinsic value may be trifling or great, but its real value is beyond price, for it is a precious symbol of all that our brothers worked for, defended, and died for over the years to keep us a free and independent nation. True to our faith, devoted to the ideals and practice of Freedom, Justice, and Democracy.

Let these faded flags of our country be retired and destroyed with respectful and honorable rights and their places taken by bright new flags.


This flag disposal ceremony was done in honor of John Koterba, PFN, chairman of our first flag disposal ceremony where we honorably retired 1083 flags.  Our second flag disposal ceremony honorably retired around 250 flags.  This, our third flag disposal ceremony, honorably retired 830 flags.